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Glass Flooring Download Page (pdfs)

Below are PDFs and links for Jockimo glass flooring products.

We hope that this information will be helpful in your research of glass flooring and underscore Jockimo's committment to conducting unparalleled testing to provide, what we feel, is the safest and most reliable product on the market.

  • Features & Options (pdf)
  • Structural Support (pdf)
  • Online Calculator (pdf)
  • NFSI Phase 1 Approval (pdf)
  • NFSI phase 2 approval (coming soon)
  • NFSI certificate (coming soon)
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  • Engineering Example (pdf)
  • Jockimo Catalog (pdf)
  • GlassGrit™ Warranty (pdf)
  • Laminated Warranty (pdf)
  • Cleaning Instructions (pdf)