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MirrorHues™️ Color Mirror Glass

colored mirrorJockimo MirrorHues™

We have developed these exciting colored mirrors to compliment our MirrorUnique™ antique mirrors, but they also stand on their own as a beautiful product unlike anything available in the glass industry. Perfect for any design style where a splash of reflective color is desired, MirrorHues™ mirrors are available in rich colors, not available elsewhere - with more in development.


Color Mirrors

MirrorHues™ colored mirrors are the perfect choice for any interior or exterior design project where you are looking to add a unique touch of reflective color. These modern colored mirror panels are available in tempered and laminated glass. MirrorHues™ colored mirrors are available in a wide variety of colors including “Euro Grey” mirror panels, copper, gold, plum purple, and blue grey mirror panels. Custom designed colored mirrors are available as well. These colored mirrors are available in 1/4" annealed/tempered thickness with even thicker options available for laminated glass. Our colored mirror panels can reach maximum sizes of 48" x 84", making them perfect for both small and large projects.


black silver mirror MirrorHues™ "Black Silver"Gem Blue mirror MirrorHues™ "Blue"blue grey mirror MirrorHues™ "Blue Grey"Catalina Green Mirror MirrorHues™ "Catalina Green"Champagne colored mirror MirrorHues™ "Champagne"Copper mirror MirrorHues™ "Copper"darkness black mirror MirrorHues™ "Darkness Black"Euro Gray mirror MirrorHues™ "Euro Grey"Gold mirror MirrorHues™ "Gold"Pink mirror MirrorHues™ "Pink"plumb purple mirror MirrorHues™ "Plum Purple"