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Jockimo Heavy Metal Glass™

heavy metal 008Jockimo Heavy Metal Glass

Mullet Not Required
Jockimo's exclusive new Heavy Metal Glass will please both interiors designers and metal heads alike. Available in both Gold and Platinum this transparent glass is the next hot interior glass product. We offer the ability to customize designs as well! This state-of-the-art product is a safety glass too - it can be cut, polished, laminated and/or tempered to meet local safety requirements.

"We do not use actual heavy metals when making our Heavy Metal Glass but we DO listen to Heavy Metal music while manufacturing it!”

Heavy Metal Project Showcase

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Alta Grand Central Heavy Metal Glass™Alta Grand Central Heavy Metal Glass™

Heavy Metal Glass

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275G Jockimo Heavy Metal Glass275G275P Jockimo Heavy Metal Glass275P345P Jockimo Heavy Metal Glass345P346G Jockimo Heavy Metal Glass346G346P Jockimo Heavy Metal Glass346P436G Jockimo Heavy Metal Glass436G436P Jockimo Heavy Metal Glass436P504P Jockimo Heavy Metal Glass504P571G Jockimo Heavy Metal Glass571G571P Jockimo Heavy Metal Glass571P