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Jockimo GlassEtch™

GlassEtch steelplate persp 2Our GlassEtch™ products are developed entirely through an acid etching technique where portions of the glass surface are removed to varying depths. This controlled process delivers an attractive and durable anti-slip surface. The GlassEtch™ acid etched walking surfaces serves a dual role – a safe walking surface and a modesty surface. The consistent acid-etched finish obscures the viewing through the glass while maintaining a high level of light transmittance.

Jockimo was the first company in the industry to receive UL and NFSI certification on its glass flooring products. We are also the first company in the industry to meet worldwide (US, UK, EU, AU) anti-slip standards with our exclusive products.

GlassEtch™ Standard Designs

Jockimo GlassEtch steelplate textureSteelplate™Our GlassEtch™ Steelplate™ design mimics a metal deck plate walking surface.


Jockimo GlassEtch microdot textureMicrodot™Our GlassEtch™ Microdot™ design is exactly that - a dot pattern that provides a high level of slip resistance.