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Liquid Lava™: Colorful Interactive Glass Tiles

Living Surfaces™ Liquid Lava™ glass panels are an innovative concept comprising of liquid trapped inside the panels. The lava panels are tough enough to be safely walked on and when force is applied, the liquid streams and whirls around your feet or hands. Inviting images of color and light create a feeling and atmosphere unequaled by any other flooring material beforehand. Select from a wide range of colors and shade blends from pale tones to the brightest reds and yellows. Custom shades and shapes are accessible on request. Our Living Surfaces™ Liquid Lava™ are patented products and have been featured on ABC Extreme Home Makeover, HGTV'd and Fine Living TV.

Liquid LavaAdvocate Lutheran General Hospital

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The tiles are resilient, and when pressure is applied, the liquid within the tiles literally swirls around one's feet. Our product is THE ORIGINAL liquid filled product.....not a cheap knock off like others.

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Cast Glass Project Showcase

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Liquid Lava Project ALG 112Advocate Lutheran General Hospital

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