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ThickGlass™ Options & Textures

Choose from one of our exciting textures below - or contact us to develop a custom texture just for you. We produce our ThickGlass™ glass counter tops in various thicknesses: 1", 1-1/2", 2" & 3".

(Click or tap an image below for a larger view.)

Jockimo BrukeBrukeJockimo ThickGlass IcyIcyJockimo ThickGlass™ - Lunar Surface textureLunar SurfaceJockimo ThickGlass™ - Minimus TextureMinimusJockimo ThickGlass™ Natural textureNaturalJockimo ThickGlass™ Smoke textureSmokeJockimo ThickGlass™ Pablos texturePablosJockimo ThickGlass™ Wooded textureTerraFormJockimo ThickGlass™ Urth textureUrthJockimo ThickGlass™ Urth textureVelomaJockimo ThickGlass™ Urth textureWooded


thickglass colors 1886x1418TRUE Colors
Jockimo Clear and Low Iron glassLow Iron and clear glassJockimo Brossa PurpleBlue 7550931 Web WMJockimo (added color)

Edge treatment options

Jockimo flatpolished-edge-jockimoFlat PolishedJockimo Brossa-PurpleBlue-2004 Web-WMJockimo irregular edge

Edge Lighting Glass counter tops

We can provide a custom LED edge "lip" in our glass counter tops to allow for edge lighting of the glass. We can even provide this for free floating island counter tops!

Jockimo Thickglass™ Integral Glass BowlThickglass™ Integral Glass BowlJockimo Thickglass™ Counter TopThickglass™ Counter TopJockimo Edge-lit Thickglass™ Bar TopEdge-lit Thickglass™ Bar Top