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10 Benefits of Jockimo’s Scratch-Resistant Glass

Designing with glass gives your space a timeless, sleek, clean look. The last thing you want is to mar that seamless aesthetic with scratches. Discover all about Jockimo’s anti-scratch glass surface, JGlass™.

JGlass™, by Jockimo Glass Company

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JGlass™ is a product created by Jockimo, a decorative architectural glass company. It is a scratch-resistant coating that can be added to many Jockimo glass surfaces. It comes standard on all Jockimo glass countertops for no additional charge. Upon request, it can also be added to any glass flooring project.

Scratch resistance presents many advantages for glass products. It’s little surprise, therefore, that JGlass™ meets both growing preferences and requirements from architects and interior designers.

Advantages of JGlass™ Scratch-Resistant Glass

1. Scratch Resistance

As the product type would suggest, one of the biggest benefits of scratch-resistant glass is its ability to remain unscratched, even after daily wear and tear. This is particularly useful for something like a glass countertop that is exposed to frequent daily use.

2. Hydrophobic Material

JGlass™ is hydrophobic, meaning it’s highly water repellant. This is especially useful on a countertop, which will frequently be exposed to water and other liquids, such as oils. If you’re putting your glass countertop outside, this water-repelling feature will also help combat physical or aesthetic damage from inclement weather.

3. Less Maintenance Required

Products with an integrated JGlass™ surface don’t need to be cleaned as frequently as untreated glass surfaces. This saves you the time, hassle, and expense related to cleaning.

4. Easier to Clean

In addition to requiring less frequent cleanings, products with a JGlass™ surface also mean easier cleaning. There’s no need to use harsh or toxic chemical cleaners. (That’s better for you and the environment!)

5. Less Mold and Bacteria

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Because the material is hydrophobic, you don’t have to worry as much about bacteria and mold developing on the glass surface. This is great for anyone, but the likes of bacteria and mold are particularly problematic for any commercial space.

6. Stain Resistance

Countertops are frequently exposed to food and drink, both of which can easily stain. Having a surface that’s stain resistant helps extend the usable life of the product and increase its overall return on investment and value.

7. Impact Resistance

Creating a more durable overall product, JGlass™ helps a countertop be more resistant to impacts. This includes dropping glasses or heavy bottles on the surface. Whether you’re installing glass countertops in a private home or a commercial space, such as a bar, restaurant, or hotel, this added durability helps ensure you can enjoy the countertop for years to come.

8. Resistant to Hard Water Etching

Depending on where your project will be installed, hard water could be a nonissue or a big consideration. If you do have hard water, it’s possible for calcium and sodium to leach out. This causes unsightly etching on glass surfaces. JGlass™ helps minimize this aesthetic issue, stopping a beautiful clear glass countertop from clouding over time.

9. More Brilliant Appearance

By adding the JGlass™ surface, countertops appear approximately 20 percent more brilliant. This additional shine in the glass surface makes for a more attractive product that looks new for a longer amount of time.

10. Available for Both Commercial and Residential Products

Commercial spaces definitely get more traffic and use than a private residence. This makes JGlass™ of particular interest to businesses and companies. However, it’s equally relevant and usable in any architectural glass project within a private home.

Still Have Questions?

Want to know more about JGlass™? Thinking about installing interior or exterior glass countertops? Need a quote? Whatever stage you’re at in the design process, reach out! We’re always happy to provide information and guidance.