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Why Businesses Should Use Interior Glass Floors in Their Design

5 Reasons Interior Glass Floors Are Right for Commercial Spaces

Bass Pro Shops HQ Glass Flooring and Glass Stairs in Front of Boat from Entry

The design of commercial space is about more than just making it look nice; it has a dollars-and-cents effect on that business’s success. It differentiates it from competitors. It gets patrons excited. It encourages people to open their wallets and spend. If you design commercial spaces, consider all these unique reasons to make use of interior glass floors.

Interior glass floors are right for a business if you want…

  • Practical, safe, and beautiful flooring.

When it comes to design, strive for a union between form and function. You want something stunning and striking but never at the expense of safety, functionality, and practicality.

This is where glass floors come in.

While they might seem daring and thrilling, glass floors are safe. When designed, manufactured, and installed properly, they are every bit as safe and functional as any other kind of flooring.

Beyond practicality, though, they’re also stunning design choices.

(Not sure about the visual or aesthetic impact of this design technique? Check out these incredible glass flooring examples.)

Glass floors give a commercial space every aesthetic benefit—without compromising on any functionality.

  • Your business to feel larger.

glass of wine and dish of food in an upscale restaurant

Glass flooring visually opens up a space. Rather than blocking sections off with traditional walls and floors, architectural glass products make a room feel larger.

This can help a company feel more grand and impressive. This, in turn, can motivate patrons to return, to spread positive word of mouth about the business, and to spend more while there.

This can be especially helpful to restaurants that have downsized their physical locations since the pandemic. COVID-19 continues to influence restaurant design, and glass flooring is one technique to combat those smaller leased spaces.

  • Light to travel from floor to floor.

One of the biggest design advantages of installing glass floors is daylighting. When you choose glass as your floor material, you allow light to freely travel between stories of the building.

Infusing a commercial space with natural light offers many benefits. Some are financial in nature (reduced energy bills). Some are about health (improved sleep, vision, and vitamin D levels). Others are about the overall positive effect on anyone in the building, including patrons. (Natural light has been linked to both better productivity and improved mood.)

Whatever your reason for bringing more natural light into the space, glass flooring is a striking, bold, contemporary way to achieve that aim.

  • A customizable flooring option.

TRUE Colors Jockimo ThickGlass Examples

Many architects, designers, and business owners love glass because it’s so customizable.

When working with the right glass manufacturer, you can manipulate many elements to create the exact look you desire. This includes:

-Glass panel shape and size

-Glass thickness

-Glass color

-Glass transparency (from translucent to frosted)

-Glass texture

-Antislip glass

  • Durable, low-maintenance floors.

When some hear about glass flooring, they immediately worry about scratches and dings. Especially in high-traffic commercial spaces, they want to know glass floors will be durable. While untreated glass could be prone to this issue, an anti-scratch surface mitigates or eliminates the problem. If you’re considering glass floors, make sure you’re getting scratch-resistant glass.

Another significant selling point of glass is that it is easy to maintain. As a nonporous material, businesses don’t have to worry about food or drink setting in—even wine, tomato sauce, or other notorious stain producers. Being nonporous, there’s also less accumulation of mold or bacteria. All these qualities make glass ideal for a commercial space.

The ease of cleaning glass floors means daily cleans will be less time consuming, harsh chemicals won’t be necessary, and the floor will look pristine and new longer.

Are Interior Glass Floors the “Clear” Answer?

Thinking about adding glass floors in your next commercial design? Just reach out. We’re always happy to answer questions, to talk through project logistics, or to provide a glass estimate.

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