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Jockimo Liquid Lava™ FAQs

Jockimo Liquid Lava™ FAQs

How is Liquid Lava™ installed?
Please see the "technical" link to the left to see our installation recommendations.

Can Liquid Lava™ be installed vertically?
Unfortunately no. When placed on a wall the liquid within the tile flows to the bottom due to gravity.

Can you produce custom colors and shapes?
Yes. We can match Pantone colors. Custom shapes are available - please send a dimensional drawing of your desired shape for our production review.

How do I get a sample?
Samples of Liquid Lava™ products are available. Due to the high demand for samples of the product we offer a library system of sampling. We send the sample to our customer and they agree to send the sample back to us after the review/presentation. (This period of time is within a couple of weeks of receiving.)  We send samples of our smaller standard sizes tiles which are either 20" x 20" or 10" x 10" depending on availability.

What type of anti slip does the Liquid Lava have?
Liquid Lava™ is UL Classified and exceeds ADA requirements.

What are your lead times?
Standard lead times are 4 - 6 business weeks from the date of order confirmation. (Please contact us if you require quicker turn around times.)

Do you provide bases for the table tops?
Typically not but we can if our customer has the requirement. 

How do I attach the table top to a base?
The bottom of our table tops are drilled and tapped to accept standard screws. This allows anyone to quickly install our table tops with a screwdriver.

How do you ship?
All Jockimo Liquid Lava™ products are packaged in either cardboard boxes or wooden crates that are produced individually for each order. Shipments are typically made by common carrier, but other shipping methods are available as well. (Additional costs for crating may apply.) All freight is shipped FOB Jockimo studio.

What are your payment terms?

50% deposit is required with order, balance is due prior to shipment of order.

Do you have literature to send customers?

Yes, we have both an electronic and printed binder. However, our website remains our best source to provide customers with the latest updates.