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Glass Flooring Installation Photos

Jockimo glass flooring has been featured on HGTV, ABC's Extreme Home Makeover, and Fine Living TV.  Jockimo was the first company in the industry to receive UL and NFSI certification on its glass flooring products. We are also the first company in the industry to meet worldwide (US, UK, EU, AU) anti-slip standards with our exclusive GlassGrit™, GlassFrit™, GlassEtch™, and GlassSculpt™ products.

Meets worldwide (US, UK, EU, AU) anti-slip standards.

We engineer all of our glass flooring and glass tread products specifically for each project's specifications. This allows us to provide our customers with the safest possible glass for their project. We are committed to excellence, and thus we only use methods that ensure the safest and most beautiful glass floor and glass tread products. You can expect the best quality and workmanship when working with Jockimo.

Click an image below to see installation photos of our glass flooring products.

Jockimo Glass Floor Jockimo Glass Stair Treads Jockimo Glass Floor over existing floor jockimo-exterior-flooring jockimo-walkable-skylights 2