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Snell Collection

The following collection of designs are a product of a collaboration/commission between Jockimo Inc. and Mr. Michael Snell. These designs are available with our GlassGrit™ and GlassFrit™ glass and the entire Snell Collection designs are exclusive to Jockimo.

Due to the cost of sampling we do not provide samples of the Snell Collection designs as a part of our standard sampling program. We have taken photographs and produced large images of the designs for customers to see and use as required - just click any of the photos below to see an enlarged image of that design.  (If a sample is required there will be a fee to produce the sample.)

About Michael Snell

Michael Snell has over 20 years of experience as a professional designer. He is also a professional photographer having photographed many installations for Jockimo over the years.  Michael resides in Lawrence, Kansas.

Jockimo_alpha_design_-_sidebysideAlpha asterisk-combo-JockimoAsterisk Jockimo Snell Bowtie DesignBowtie Jockimo_Bubbles_Design_sidebysideBubbles Jockimo_Chain_design_sidebysideChain jockimo_chevron_design_sidebysideChevron Jockimo-currency-comboCurrency Jockimo-droplet-comboDroplet jockimo-greek-comboGreek jockimo-hex-comboHex Jockimo-lineout-comboLineout Jockimo-links-comboLinks Jockimo-munch-comboMunch Jockimo-nucleus-combpNucleus Jockimo-passport-comboPassport Jockimo-planets-comboPlanets Jockimo Plus DesignPlusJockimo-retro-comboRetro Jockimo Snell Rings DesignRings Jockimo-snakeskin-comboSnakeskin Jockimo-splat-comboSplat Jockimo-spokes-comboSpokes Jockimo-stars-comboStarsJockimo-swash-comboSwash Jockimo-tadpole-comboTadpole Jockimo-tictak-comboTicTack Jockimo-tile-comboTile Jockimo-trisquare-comboTriSquareJockimo-weave-comboWeave

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